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15 Facts That Prove CHY Mall Business Is Real And Legit But Not Scam

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If you do follow my Inspirational speech or my business tips to entrepreneurs, then you will realise I like to talk about education as the first step of business investment. That is not to say you have to be a scholar before you start doing business no. The little time you invest to understand the type of business you want to invest your money in, is the education I am talking about. I know you are real entrepreneur who understand the rules that why you are educating yourself by reading this information. Kudos to you!

As a Business consultant, Freelancer, Blogger, and Inspirational Speaker every blessed day I receive an uncountable calls from businessmen/businesswomen or Investors which most of them are related to CHY Mall so I decided to post this article. Please take your time to read this.


For more details contact one of our agents for registration procedures via whatsapp 0245323461

CHY(SAIRUI) MALL is just like any e-commerce business like Jumia, Amazon, AliBaba , Kikuu etc…

legally registered e-commerce company with the REGISTRAR GENERALS DEPARTMENT(RGD) as well as a tax-compliant company with the GHANA REVENUE AUTHORITY(GRA) in over 55 countries with Ghana being its African Headquarters with several offices & service centres across the globe. With your one time payment own a shop online in CHYmall and make sales/profits using the NEW RETAIL concept as proposed by Jack Ma founder of Alibaba Group in 2016.

What it says is,

  1. Shop with us by partnering with us using a onetime amount to own a shop in our mall
  2. Part of this money is used to open your shop in our mall… This is the registration fee
  3. 2nd part of it is your trading capital which you’ll use to stock your shop with goods for us to sell for you, give a product worth $50 or above to you depending on the VIP package(shop) level you’re operating. This part of the amount is actually your own money, you can withdraw it at any time you want plus your accumulated profits… 
  4. I will sell your products in 10-12days, give you back your profits & give you the chance to either trade again or you can call it a quit with me if you don’t like the profits & free products earned…

 No compulsory referrals, you earn money(profits)  by trading in your shop

 no selling of products yourself to earn commission which is a headache as evident in some network marketing companies 

 No monthly subscriptions (authorship) to get products to continue doing business with us!

Your VIP package you choose here according to your financial muscle is a 100% ONETIME PAYMENT!…… lifetime enjoyment


 TRADING MONEY IS YOURS IT IS USE TO STOCK YOUR SHOP (meaning u can withdraw it anytime!) woooooooow!!!
the world is changing faster, technology is moving higher don’t be left out


Samples of payment made from chymall business




  1. CHYMALL is a merger of two giant companies from China and Malaysia
  2. CHYMALL E-commerce business begun in 2019 in Africa with headquarters in Accra and now its in over 90 countries in the world {including USA, UK, UAE, Canada etc)
  3. CHYMALL was registered in Ghana in April 2019 as a business company with the head office at East Legon, Accra.
  4. CHYMALL is NOT a bank, insurance company or savings and loans entity and is NOT CONTROLLED by any bank.
  5. CHYMALL is NOT a betting or gambling (lottery) company where your money would be left to chance (try your luck) i.e. whether you will WIN or LOSE.
  6. You may also GOOGLE or use any other search engine to READ for more INFORMATION ABOUT CHYMALL
  7. When you register with CHYMALL your money is in your phone (mobile money account) so you control or operate your business yourself.
  8. Once you register anywhere you can continue to do CHYMALL trading anywhere in the world.
  9. If you register at a lower VIP (2 or 3) you can upgrade it to a higher VIP (4 to 6) later.
  10. You can WITHDRAW your money from the CHYMALL business at any time if you need your money for something else but your registered account still remains valid and you can start from where you stopped anytime you wish to come back.
  11. With CHYMALL you TRADE with your money yourself (using your mobile money account) on your phone and CHYMALL gives you profits on your money every 10-12 days.
  12. Interestingly, CHYMALL members DO NOT SELL anything by themselves which means you have TIME FREEDOM: your money works whiles you relax doing something else.
  13. CHYMALL also gives you products monthly which you can use or SELL.
  14. CHYMALL is one of the QUICKEST, EASIEST, RELIABLE AND SAFEST ways in the world to GROW your money.
  15. CHYMALL is very simple. After registering, CHYMALL DISPLAYS A COUNTDOWN for every 10 days on your shop so that you can see HOW MANY DAYS/HOURS/MINUTES/SECONDS REMAINING to have your PROFIT plus your TRADING CAPITAL

For more details contact one of our agents for registration procedures via whatsapp 0245323461


For more details contact one of our agents for registration procedures via whatsapp 0245323461

Making money at the comfort of your home without compulsory referral is only when you join CHYMALL E-commerce that you get this opportunity to earn every 10 days plus a free product



The name of the business is CHY Mall

It’s a mega online shopping mall like kikuu, Alibaba, Jumia and the rest….

 CHY MALL or CHY E-COMMERCE is an E-Commerce business (online mall) that runs on a trading system called “NEW RETAIL”

CHYmall operates a new concept of trading called New Retail e- commerce

 Please note , that you are not selling anything, you buy products and company sells for you on little commission and your profit drop together with your capital after 10-12days in which you can now trade again and both your profit and capital drops back after 10-12day and it goes on like that.

 On each of your trade, the company gives you a product depending on the package you register.

The free products are for you to use and if you are a good marketer, you can also sell to make more money

Note Also that the payment is one time payment, and the trading capital is refundable

In this business:-

You don’t need to invite anyone before you start making money every 10-12 days.
You are not under any pressure to sell any market as the company sell for you
 No monthly autoship
The company also gives you Free gift on any product you trade on for every 10-12 days

This pictures below is are some of the withdrawals through MTN MOMO account


You spend less than 5 minutes in every trade, it’s so simple

You make profits every 10-12 days

You are your own boss, you control your business as a partner.

You can withdraw your Trading Capital

You can withdraw profit through MTN Mobile Money, Bank, or Bitcoin

No skill required

You will get free CHY products to use every time you trade

You can make more income when you sponsor people to partner with CHY, this is 100% optional.


Finally Douala city in Cameroon CHY MALL OFFICE will be operational Very soon 

The rich keeps on getting richer because the poor thinks everything is a scam

For more details contact one of our agents for registration procedures via whatsapp 0245323461


VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $140 (¢770)
Every 10 days = $7..(¢38.5).
Every Month = $21..(¢115.5)..
Plus product:…$150.. (¢825)
Products are Beauty spray, Ring and Belly botton.

VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $280 (¢1,540)
Every 10 days = $14 (¢77)
Every Month = $42.(¢231)
Plus product:..$300..(¢1,650)
Products are eyes glasses, Fuel saver and compression mask

VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $840 (¢4,620)
Every 10 days = $42 (¢231)
Every Month = $127 (¢698.5)
Plus product:..$900..(¢4,950)
Products are pendant and chip

VIP 5 Total Pack cost: $1680 (¢9,240)
Every 10 days = $84 (¢462)
Every Month = $252 (¢1,386)
Plus product:..$1800..(¢9,900)
Products are Facemask, Foot Massager, Quantum Watch

 Please Note

 CHY is not an investment scheme.

 CHY is not a bank.

 We’re an e-Commerce company.

We run a buying and selling concept via a revolutionary ideology called NEW RETAIL.

You must buy before company helps you to sell what you bought (physical products).

If you don’t buy, you will make no profit and company won’t sell for you. Very simple!

We deal on physical products you can see, touch and use for numerous health benefits.

Aside trading, (money-making), CHY’s main value is touching lives via modern health technologies.

We’re not a money-mongering company. Healthy lives first before money.

 This is why company supplies you with health products every month. They’re for you and your loved ones. Use them, gift others or feel free to resell.

 Finally, note that CHY is here to stay. We’re going to nowhere.

A new & upgraded business that’s using the same Cloud Computing system as Alibaba i.e AliBaba Cloud which has been operating globally since 2004 is here for a lifetime to colour your life financially….

For more details contact one of our agents for registration procedures via whatsapp 0245323461


 CHYMALL is NOT AN INVESTMENT COMPANY like Mensgold, God is Love, DKM, Goldcoast security or a bank.

 CHYMALL is NOT a NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY and So it should not be compared to companies like QNET, FLP, MAX INTERNATIONAL, AIMSGLOBAL etc. where you will be required to bring people or your success in the business solely depending on your downlines.

 CHYMALL is an ONLINE SHOPPING MALL like ALIBABA, TONATON, KIKOU, AMAZON, and other online shopping malls, but the difference is that, CHYMALL has added what is called the NEW RETAIL CONCEPT to their shopping mall which other online shopping malls don’t have.

The NEW RETAIL CONCEPT allows a customer to become a profit earner anytime you shop on their mall.
This makes CHYMALL Unique from the other online shopping malls.

 CHYMALL is a combination of two Giant E- Commerce platforms; SAIRUI SHOPPING MALL, owned by a Chinese businessman ZHANG YUANG and CENTURY HENG YUE(CHY), owned by a Malaysian businessman BEN CHAH. This combined force makes the business credible and advantageous for it’s VIP members.

 CHYMALL is an INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, OPERATING ACROSS THE GLOBE. You can do this business wherever you are.

 CHYMALL is a TRADING COMPANY like Melcom, dealing in physical products. They have a traditional shopping mall like Melcom where you can buy any item, including a television, clothing, home appliances etc. Very soon cars and real estates will be added. So you can buy everything you need from CHYMALL and use.

 In CHYMALL, You don’t need to refer others to the business before you earn. You can earn as much as you want to without referring anybody.

But any member who refers others to the company gets additional bonuses for referring them.

 In CHYMALL, Members don’t make their money by selling products from office to office or on the streets or selling to individuals. The company itself does the selling on behalf of the customers and both the profit and the trading capital is returned to you within 10 – 12 days so you can continue or discontinue the process if you wish.

 CHYMALL DOES NOT LOCK UP YOUR MONEY In CHYMALL, you will have access to your money every 10 – 12 days after your products have been sold. You can then cash your money without any official permission from management. And you can also return to continue your trading anytime.

 In CHYMALL, you have an opportunity to open multiple accounts. You can create as many accounts as you want; 10, 50, 80 or even 1000 accounts, provided your money can afford.

For more details contact one of our agents for registration procedures via whatsapp 0245323461

 You can start CHYMALL with as low as $140(770¢) VIP2 and build it up from there.

I CHYMALL gives mobile phone and Car incentives to hardworking members.

So please make up your mind and join us. CHYMALL has come to stay. Take a bold decision, go for loan and come and buy shops, so you can also COLOR YOUR LIFE

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 First you get registered as a VIP MEMBER to get allocated a shop on the mall by choosing one of the VIP Registration packages and paying into the company’s account.

 After your VIP package is activated, the company (SAIRUI) trades 2 products on your behalf in a period within10 – 12 days using your Trading Capital and gives You a profit after the 10-12 days! (You buy the product from the wholesale area and place them on sale yourself)

 You can withdraw your profit on the 10th Day and re-trade again if you choose!

 10-DAYS Trading profit amounts to 15% of your total investment package and 23.33% of your TRADING CAPITAL every 30days!

 You are also given Registration products for the VIP package that you registered with upon activation!


  • 20% REFERRAL BONUS (Registration package)
  • 3% of the downline’s transactions whenever he/she trades in 10days
  • 2% of downline’s downline purchases (T/C applies here)
  • 12% MATCHING/PAIRING BONUS (binary system) – Boutique points (for FREE shopping)
  • Pool Bonus.


For more details contact one of our agents for registration procedures via whatsapp 0245323461


The CEO of Century HengYue Group is Mr. Ben Chah
Mr. Ben Chah was born on May 14, 1976 in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. His ancestral home is Fujian. He studied at Oxford International University in 1998 and received an EMBA degree in international financial enterprise management. He has worked in many well-known investment groups in the UK and Australia High-end, galloping trade and finance for 15 years. During his ten-year tenure, he has achieved exponential capital growth and stable profit returns for many investors. Ben Chah has also held important positions in the top ten trading companies in Malaysia. He has extensive practical experience in product design, brand packaging, and trade export. He has also witnessed the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, and has combined the real economy and Internet marketing. Combine to form a more powerful business model. He has been reputed as the elite of Malaysian companies for many times, and has been published in Malaysian magazines “Global Outstanding Enterprise” and “Entrepreneur”.


He Won the “National Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs Caring for Employees” jointly awarded by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the National Federation of Trade Unions

He Won the “Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Youth Award” by the Malaysian International Youth Chamber of Commerce.


He was awarded the “Most Caring Philanthropist” by the 4th Malay Charity Award issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Received the “Malaysian Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the Asia Elite Entrepreneurs Alliance

Group headquarters

Group headquarters is located in the heart of the beautiful coastal city of the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur(C15-7 & 8 KL TRILLION
After nearly 3 years of rapid development, the global business has reached nearly 30 countries. Century Cross-Group has become Large multinational enterprise group mainly engaged in export, real estate, gaming, e-commerce, modern service industry, charitable donations, etc.

Century HengYue Group projects

Century Hengyue International Transportation services (currently serving more than 30 countries)

Cambodia Galaxy International Casino

Century Real Estate Co., Ltd

Century Hengyue mall

Group achievements

As of 2019, the company’s assets are 25.8 billion ringgits (equivalent to 6.26 billion U.S. dollars), and the group’s profit is 6.3 billion ringgits (equivalent to 1.53 billion U.S. dollars). Achievements that few companies can achieve. Our corporate culture, business model and company strategy have been certified for a long time and verified with practice. They are far-sighted and stand the test of time, all of which enable the company to achieve long-term sustainable development.

Credit to Nanapoku my coleague

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