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How To work from Home Tips In This Covid 19 Era

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5 vital Coronavirus work from home tips

Most employees are comfortable and used to working from the office at the work place But the pandemic coronavirus has brought a total reshuffle to the world. This as a result, has brought some changes in our normal daily activities, therefore some companies are forced to allow their employees to work from home. Even though we are aware this will be difficult for some workers, misociallife.com is here to give you the best 5 tips to work from home productively

Working from home used to seem like the dream way to get your work done. Until you had to do it. Then you wondered what was in the fridge, if the postal mail arrived yet, or one of a dozen other easy distractions to make up for the solitude. Well, that reality is now being forced upon many of the world’s workers in ways that were not expected or wanted.

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In as much as most companies anticipate this will be a temporary situation, although there are pundits claiming that this will kick off a more permanent and steady work from home trend. I am not so sure. There’s plenty of reasons why many people want to work from an office, with other people, despite the commute times and human challenges. We are social beings. Some of us, anyway.

Some of the basics based on years of personal experience as well as advice I have received over the years

–>1. Get a smart dress. Working in your pajamas sounds cool, but you will feel a bit lazy and too relaxed. Plus, if you start a work call and hit the video button by mistake, well get prepared mentally and physically

–>2. Carve out a dedicated work area, even if it is temporary during this Coronavirus situation. A separate workspace is healthy as well as keeping to your regular work routine, even though you are not in the office. Plus, it lets you close the door and leave work behind.

–>3. Replicate your office work tech as much as possible. If you work with two screens, haul them home for this time. If you don’t have two screens, why not?

–>4. Since you might not have an ergonomic desk and chair setup at home, plan to take more physical breaks to get up, stretch, move around. Avoid the fridge, though. Keep your normal coffee break and lunch time, but avoid distractions.

–>5. Get noise-cancelling headphones if you need to listen in to a conference call and your kid is running around. Or read about Krisp below. Or, get good and fast with that mute button.
By the way, unfair or not, I am presuming you have high-speed, reliable internet.

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