My Night At Airport View Hotel Accra

My Night At Airport View Hotel Accra

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Let me say big ups to my Pollo T-shirt sponsors for my outfit. As your travel vloger/Blogger I spend most my time staying away from home. Whenever I travel to Ghana, Airport View Hotel is among the hotels I lodge and it is one of the best hotels in Accra Ghana. The reason why I love to stay at the Airport View Hotel is because of its proximity to the airport.

The distance from Airport View Hotel to the Kotoka International Airport is just a stone throw.You can be rest assured for not missing a flight the fact that you would not be stacked in a vehicular traffic, perhaps  you can even choose to walk.

Apart from the advantageous location of the hotel, it also got a lot of amenities to serve its customers from all over the world. These includes ultramodern room facilities, a buffet dinning hall ,a swimming pool, a grocery shop, a welcoming reception area, a car park and the popular airport view rooftop bar.The rooftop bar is where customers who lodge at the hotel have fun in the evening with all choices of drinks.As importantly, have a view of the airport and a beautiful eye-catching view of the airport residential area in Accra not withstanding the cold breeze from the sea.Travellers love to take beautiful pictures from this point to share with families and friends.the rooftop has a big space to host programmes like churches ,weddings, birthday parties, to mention but a few.



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