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All You Need To Know About CHY Mall Former Sairui mall and How To Trade

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I was very confused initially when I heard about the partnership of Sairui mall and CHY mall but I later found out how the system is going to work and I have decided to share it here. Sairui mall to CHY mall, the system is the same the value is great! I will try not to bore you too much with lots of text. For those reading who are more advanced on CHY Mall business opportunity, I hope you will show some understanding and share suggestions for improvement of the information provided on this website.

CHY Mall is one of several companies of the partnership between Sairui Holdings Group portfolio founded by Zhang Yuan who is also the current chairman and CHY (Century Hen Yue) Group founded by Ben Chah from Malaysia. Sairui Mall was born on the vision that with the rapid development of society, the current economic models are becoming obsolete in this era of information and big data; in order to move to the next step, The company grew and became CHY Mall with fresh capital flowing in. Failing to adapt can easily explain the downfall of several formal economic giants. Just like in the dinosaurs’ era, it is not the strongest nor the richest who will survive, rather those ready and able to adapt to change.

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Companies keep producing excellent goods, but without the right exposure, they cannot sell. CHY Mall bets on a social e-commerce platform aiming at providing better services to small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, farmers, or anyone willing to join the journey.

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CHY Mall brings a new retail model that might change the way we buy and sell products in the future. At the same time, it opens an incredible opportunity for businesses as well as investors who can make money quite easily. This website is aiming at providing as many details as possible on how this can be achieved.

CHY Mall E-Commerce
As most of us are visual learners, nothing better than a video can explain the idea behind the CHY e-commerce revolution. Please click on the picture below.

The video above shows the genesis of CHY Mall and the following shows a statement of the new partner’s CEO Ben Chah as the partnership agreement was being signed.

The video below presents the whole concept behind CHY mall; how products are traded between members and how investors can make money with minimal efforts. A good thing about the CHY system is that one can make money as an investor with no obligation to sell anything or to recruit anyone. On the other hand, the option to build a team is also available for even more profits! The video was produced while the company’s name was still Sairui but this has since changed to CHY Mall. Just watch the video below:

Why is Africa Targeted?
Well, it is no secret that Africa is the future! 77% of Africans under 35 own a smartphone. This is huge and this is exactly who CHY Mall is targeting with its new retail philosophy. CHY platform is well-tailored to work on smartphones and CHY Mall entrepreneurs from Africa can run all their operations from their smartphone and still make money.

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Let’s not be fooled! CHY Mall and its CEO aren’t Santa bringing gifts. Zhang Yuan and Ben Chah are businessmen, visionary but at the end of the day, they are in business for making money, which makes this a win-win partnership.

As you certainly noticed, the big names in e-commerce such as Amazon and Alibaba are not present in Africa; Jumia that was trying to fill the gap is slowly getting exhausted as they recently closed their doors in Cameroon and the other countries representations aren’t in the best of shape either. I would personally love to see African fill that gap in Africa but until that happens, CHY Mall seems to be the best opportunity.

Making Money with CHY Mall – Simple scenario
We will have other articles explaining in detail how to make money on CHY Mall. However, in this article, we will present a simple scenario of how investors make money on CHY Mall.

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2- You buy a CHY Mall product at New Retail price, which qualifies you to buy two of the same product 60% off

1- You register as a VIP member

3- The CHY Mall product you bought at New retail price (100%) is shipped to your Service center for you to pick up

4- The other two products you bought at wholesale prices remain on the CHY Mall platform and are sold at a full retail price within 10-12 days

It sounds surreal I know! In summary, with the CHY Mall business model, every 12 days you have your products, you have profits in your investment and you also have all of your capital invested !!! yes you read correctly “all the capital invested in trading products is returned to you”!

Now, let’s look at a real-life scenario to better understand the functioning of CHY.

1- As a registered VIP member, you buy 1 pair of Quantum glasses from CHY at $100

2- CHY offers you to buy 2 other Quantum glasses at the wholesale price of $40 each. So you pay $100 + $40 + $40 = $180 for the 3 glasses. This is your initial investment.

3- You receive the glasses you bought at a retail price of $100 in the CHY retail store

4- The other two Quantum glasses purchased at wholesale prices at $40 each remain on the CHY platform.

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5- CHY sells them for you at the new retail price of $100 each. The two glasses will, therefore, be sold for $200 after 10 to 12 days.

6- Once the sale is completed, CHY returns the $200 to you.

So you spent $180 and after 10-12 days you received $200 in addition to the glasses already received! so your profit is $20 + the glasses received. And you can repeat the scenario to earn every 10-12 days, you still buy one glasses for $100 and two more for $40 each to have the same earnings in ten to twelve days. Better yet, you can repeat this cycle as many times as you want. After a month(30-36 days) for instance, you made $60 from your initial $180 investment, you have 3 pairs of Quantum glasses and you have your capital.

Withdrawing your money

On the CHY platform, you deal with CHY Points which can be exchanged in bitcoin (BTC) or Etherum (ETH); the cryptocurrency can then be transferred to a cryptocurrency wallet such as a bitcoin wallet and then exchanged in any currency around the world. Sairui Group Holding and CHY are currently working at securing a new cryptocurrency known as CoCoX.

In conclusion, this is an excellent opportunity. It is actually a great business opportunity for the diaspora to secure an additional stream of income. The VIP registration levels go from 1 to 5 for the moment with future announcements of VIP6-9 and allow everyone to start where they feel comfortable and then move up the membership ladder and enjoy the great benefits of this incredible opportunity.

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