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The China Coronavivirus reaches Europe with over 41
The China Coronavivirus reaches Europe with over 41

Attention; The China Coronavirus reaches Europe with over 41 dead and over 1200 infected in China

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The coronavirus that originate in the Chinese city of Wuhan now called the “China Coronavirus” appears to be spreading at the speed of light even though the world health organization has refuse to declare it a ” World Health Emergency”. China Coronavirus reaches Europe with over 41 people dead and about 1300 infected in China alone.

It started in Wuhan and has fastly spread to other cities in China. At first it was 2 but now Over 18 Chinese cities are currently shutdown in an attempt to control the spread of the virus. The starting syptoms are so minute that it is dificult to detect at it very early stage. It is a deadly virus and might soon become a global epodemic.

The most dangerous aspect of the virus is that it seems to be airborne which makes it transmission threatening. That is why you can people in the streets of China putting on nose-shield in an attempt to protect persons from infection.

Cases of the China Coronavirus has already been noticed in the United states and neigbouring Asian countries to China such as Indonesia and South Korea.

Recently, three cases of the virus has been reported in France, and United Kingdom doing a great screening checks in a suspicion of the presence of the Virus in the United Kingdom.

It is reported that at least 41 people are already dead with over 1300 people affected in China. This is not a good news for the people in China and in other parts of the world. Many global epidemics have broke out from time to time killing millions of people around the world and the world is very skeptical not to see this China Coronalvirus turn into a global epidemic which will be declared as a global health emergency.

China is the most populated country in the world with a population of 1.3 billion people, and an epidemic as such pose a create threat to about a third of the world’s population living in China.

Medical personnels are doing their best to calm down the situation and threat infected persons. But as it stands the situation is aggraviating, and fear is upon the entire world.

The Chinese president has called on the world that the rate that the virus is spreading is grievous, calling on all his government officials to put all resources in place to try and stop the spread.

France and U.S are trying to negiotiate with China to try and evacuate their diplomats from the city of Wuhan which is currently lockdown.
The U.S evacuating her citizens from the city of Wuhan after negotiation with China.

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