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BoG Bullion van accident; Lessons learnt.

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Tomdavidas De Motivational Speaker

How many of you are aware of the recent accident involve the BoG Bullion van and a tanker?
And what lessons have you learn out it.
The incident in it self is unfortunate, nobody will wish for an accident, NO.
What I would like to tell the youth concerning the video is that the money that has caught everyone’s attention, that the government has order state security to secure it is equivalent to one persons wealth.

If you have any reason for giving up in life please watch this video again and tell yourself you are going to make this amount of money.
Feel the practicality of the money and tune your mind for it.
Don’t forget if you are smart you are a hard working guy and if you are a hard working guy then you are smart.

misociallife.com , all eyes on you!

Sharing is Caring

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