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CHY Mall Partner With Sairui Mall All You Need To Know About The Deal

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As Sairui Mall started blooming in Africa like never before with its New Retail concept, many big players started lurking at it with the hope of building a strong partnership to have access to over a billion population currently living on the continent. We knew something big was in the making and we also knew that Sairui Mall was not going to join a partnership that could destroy the hard work the company had achieved so far. Sairui revolutionary New Retail has made them famous and it will continue to gain Sairui many more VIP partners in the coming months and years.

Today, May 26, 2020, there was an official communication on the partnership with strong statements of both entities CEO: Zang Yuang (Richard) for Sairui Mall and Ben Chah for CHY (Century Heng Yue) Group. They all look forward to the partnership as they plan to become the “Alibaba of Africa”.

Listen to the Sairui Mall CEO Zang Yuang in the video below:

Listen to the Century Heng Yue Group CEO Ben Chah in the video below:

To those still in doubt, join the adventure, wait no more. Things were already serious with Sairui but now it is going to get even more serious. Sairui concept is original and the first bet was won beautifully and the e-commerce platform is not far from opening as well as the warehouses for fulfilling customers’ orders. Colour your life with Sairui.

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