Did You know About The Akosombo Port?

Did You know About The Akosombo Port?

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Akosombo Port anchor
The anchor of Akosombo port


Akosombo Port
Tomdavidas at Akosombo Port, Ghana

”His Excellency Flight – Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings head of state and chairman of the provisional national defence council to commemorate the inauguration of the Volta lake transport system on Friday November 1987”

Akosombo is one of the historical cities in Ghana. The beautiful and well planned town to many people, and described as one of the heart of this country. Akosombo is surrounded by a range of mountain Afadzato the highest mountain in Ghana.
Akosombo is also, surrounded by the river Volta which was used to construct the Akosombo dam to generate Hydro electricity power to Ghana and its neighbouring countries. Amazingly Lake Volta happens to be the largest artificial reservoir in the world based on surface area. The Akosombo port is opposite the The Peninsula resort. Did you know about the


Akosombo is a well planed and a beautifully  demarcated town having it communities named after some African countries, such as Namibia, Tanzania etc. hahaha.. help me name them in the comment section below you have heard, read about, or visited Akosombo before.

Tomdavidas travel
The Akosombo Port

The Akosombo Port is the main transport point by travellers who go to the North and Upper Volta as well as Burkina Faso and travel by means of water. It takes some travellers approximately three 3 days on the river Volta before they get to their various destinations.

Akosombo Port, misociallife.com travel blog

The Eastern corridor railway project that links the southern and  northern sector of the country has its transit point at the Akosombo port where goods are transported by means of Ferry on river Volta from the Akosombo port.

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  1. Reading this has boosted my interest to visit Akosombo🥰….Thank you for educating us and please don’t forget to take me to ur next trip🤪😒

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  3. So we have something like this in the country and we can’t utilize it to create job for the youth to reduce unemployment ?

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