Do you believe that individuals you meet online may become true friends? – Social Friends

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Do you believe that individuals you meet online may become true friends? – Social Friends

Do you believe that individuals you meet online may become true friends? – Social Friends

True friends – I can answer that with a resounding, heartfelt YES because that is exactly what has occurred to me.The person who I consider to be the best friend I have ever had is someone I have never met.

We have been best friends for a number of years, despite the fact that we come from different cultural backgrounds, live on separate continents, and he is a man while I am a woman. Of course, the only sad thing is that we can’t hang out, go out, etc. And of course, there is the great shame of having an online-only best friend.

Now… I’m aware that there are a ton of individuals “out there” who will consider the possibility that the person is a phony. He or she is not sincere. If you are just pals online, you can never be best friends. – This is almost certainly what the “older generation,” for whom the concept of online social media is still weird and foreign, will tell you. Additionally, you can anticipate hearing a lot from that generation when they say things like “this is not how things used to be” or “that is not how it should be done.”

Well, that is up to them; as long as there have been humans, there have been people who have clung to the idea that “we never used to do it this way!” Fortunately, there are also others who are willing to try new things.

It goes without saying that it is harder to be sure you are actually not being scammed when it comes to the friendship industry, just like it is with everything else online. Don’t be fooled by anyone who asks for money, for example. That, in my opinion, would be a blatant sign that the other person was hiding something.

Don’t divulge personal information and other details just because the other person seems nice; a friendship must “stand its proof” both online and in real life. In this case, I will say that if the friendship develops gradually over time (and by time, I don’t just mean days or even weeks; I’m talking several months at least), if it can last, and if both of you keep returning to chat about just about anything over several months, then I will say you can start to trust that person.

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