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Do you Know your stage performance can affect your career

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As an Artist stage performance is very important to your success. Have you take the time to ask yourself questions like , Why are my fans always rushing to see me perform on stage? Why wont they buy my video and audio musics to enjoy them rather?
But Hei you’ve got it wrong okay..
Being able to give a performance is crucial to an artist’s
success. This is because many things happen during a live show
that go unnoticed. The most important factor is that you
create a connection with your fans when you perform.

They feel
closer to you because it is literally you sharing your message
to them. They were able to witness history being made with
you. Performing your music is the cornerstone of showing
people who you are, because you get to deliver your message
the way it was intended. This is a way that can not be seen
through audio or Mp3. Nothing is like the real experience, and

your fans get to physically enjoy your presence.

It is important to know how to perform because if you can’t,
you start to lose appeal as an artist. No one likes a stiff,
individual that is always uptight with no personality. So why
would you want that in a show or performance? Especially one
you most likely paid money to come out in see. A lot of artist
today are not great performers because all they are able to do
is hold the mic and rap along with their verse(in a worse case shouting expecting their fans to do their job for them). Yes we came to
hear the song but we also came to see a performance. There are
way more that ties into it to make the most out of your
experience with your fans.

On the flip side when you can perform, you gain a lot of
respect, credibility and authority from your listeners. They
will feel like a connection has been made with you and thus
open to hear more from you. They now want to be a part of your
world and will follow your music and your moves more
faithfully. They are the ones who will buy your CD when it
comes out, will follow you on different networks, and you
better believe they will have better seats this time for your
show. This is all because of the experience you gave them.

Keep on giving them that performance they are looking for and
you will always have loyal fans. Performance will always be a
major factor to artists because that is how most of them get
the bulk of their income. So if they are unable to perform,
then there won’t be many follow up shows, or fans will stop
paying to come see. Make sure you are giving your fans the
most out of your performances and you will have a sustainable
career. Kudos to all Artist keep it up because music cannot be
be out from our social life

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