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Health Excusitis can make your social life boring.

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The best vaccine against health excusitis consists of these four

  1. Refuse to talk about your health. The more you talk about an ailment, even the common cold, the worse it seems to get.
  2. Talking about bad health is like putting fertilizer on weeds. Besides, talking about your health is a bad habit. It bores people. It makes one appear self-centered and old-maidish. Success-minded people defeat the natural tendency to talk, about their “bad” health. One may (and
    let me emphasize the word may) get a little sympathy, but one doesn’t get respect and loyalty by being a chronic complainer.
  3. Refuse to worry about your health. Dr. Walter Alvarez, emeritus consultant to the world-famous Mayo Clinic, wrote recently, “I always beg worriers to exercise some self control.
    For instance, when I saw this man (a fellow who was convinced he had a diseased gallbladder although eight separate X-ray examinations showed that the organ was perfectly normal), I begged him to quit getting his gallbladder X-rayed. I have begged hundreds of heart-conscious men to quit getting electrocardiograms made.”
  4. Be genuinely grateful that your health is as good as it is. There’s an old saying worth repeating often: “1 felt sorry for myself because 1 had ragged shoes until 1 met a man who had no feet.” Instead of complaining about “not feeling good, it’s far better to be glad you are as healthy as you are. Just being grateful for the health you have is powerful vaccination against developing new aches and pains and real illness.
  5. Remind yourself often, “It’s better to wear out than rust
    out.” Life is yours to enjoy. Don’t waste it. Don’t pass up
    living by thinking yourself into a hospital bed. social life…all eyes on you!!

Sharing is Caring

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