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How can I be friendlier and more social? – Social Friends

Friendlier and more social – Attempt to show interest in the lives of others, or more individuals.

Try to refrain from holding, using, and playing with your smartphone when you are around other people. Instead, have a peek at those nearby. Talk to them and smile. I don’t mean (or only mean) strangers; rather, I mean coworkers, relatives you only see once or twice a year at family gatherings, and so on.

Be a catalyst for discussion. Find out how school is going for your younger relative. To learn more about your parents’ employment, ask them. Find out if your neighbor like the make of the vehicle he drives. Then, try to maintain the discussion without talking exclusively about yourself by being a good, attentive listener.

Practice showing attention, even if the individual is a little dull, try to at least appear interested (because you mentioned “seem more pleasant”). When you notice that your mind is growing tired of what someone is saying, push your mind to come up with something intriguing, clever, or amusing to say in order to keep the discussion engaging.

Most importantly, while you’re with other people, act like you don’t have a phone.

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