How Social Networking Works – Social Relationships

How Social Networking Works – Social Relationships

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How Social Networking Works – Social Relationships

How Social Networking Works – Social Relationships

How Social Networking Works – After I returned, I had relatives close by, but coming from a unit where we looked out for one another constantly, it wasn’t the same.
I didn’t really feel like I could talk to anyone.
I decided that was enough and kept to myself.

Because we are social creatures who have developed, humans have always lived in families and other social groups.
Being social is therefore more than simply human nature; it is a biological necessity.
We understand the importance of mateship, connection, and mutual dependence in the ADF. It can be challenging to maintain such connections and to establish new ones while being posted or transitioning to civilian life, but it is crucial to our wellness that we make the effort to do so.

According to research, those who feel socially connected have longer lifespans, are healthier, and are better able to handle stressful situations.
According to one study, increasing your social circle might have the same positive effects on your well being as a 50% rise in wealth.

A social relationships map can be useful for identifying the individuals in our lives who offer various types of assistance because connections can take many different forms. There are those who can offer a sympathetic ear as well as a helping hand.
We have friends and others we can get counsel from, even occasionally specialists.
Additionally, there are those that require our help as well as relationships that we recognize as needing improvement.

We can create and maintain a strong network to support our resilience outside of the ADF by knowing who can keep us linked.
I only realized what I’d been missing after I put in the effort.
Blocking the world out is useless.
Now that I’m involved in activities once more, I believe I’ve improved.

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