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How to become a top-notch Slay Queen

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Do you want to narrow the bridge between your social life and your social media? Do you admire the lifestyle of slay queens and dream of becoming one of them? Then worry not, misociallife.com as we always do we are here to give you the best tips to enhance your social life. Here are a simple list of tips that will help you realise your dream of becoming not just a slay queen but the most trending one of course.

  1. Attend Parties Who will see you slay if all you do is stay at home all day? is the same as you smiling in the dark nobody sees your face lol.. Attend the biggest events. Appearance counts, don’t forget the first impression rule, dressed to kill. Socialise more, and take photographs with celebrities while at it. Throw parties if you can and make sure they are the highlight of the season.
  2. Social Media. Do not leave your social media accounts un-taken care of. Let your major be Facebook and Instagram. Update your sites frequently, giving people short clues about where you are and what you are doing. Use less words and more photos of you, having lots of fun in different exotic places. In that way, you will capture a lot of attentions
  3. Photographs Pictures talk to millions and say billions. If you want to be a slay queen, you do not need to explain anything. Be mindful of the photographs you take. They should be top quality, showing your beauty and or assets, and you should be dressed in an expensive, or classy outfit. Download any photo editing app available, and make your photographs one to die for. When you post it, let people do the commenting. Also read: Best five phones for snapchatters
  4. Being fake sometimes is very necessary so long as your journey to becoming a top-notch slay queen is concern. Although those posh cars, houses and all the luxury things you can think of may be your desires, dreams and hopes don’t cease the opportunity to take pictures with them whenever you get the chance. Even though you don’t own them , live with them, enjoy them and celebrate them perhaps you may end up owning them.
  5. Updated Being a slay queen is not easy because you always have to be updated with the newest trends, labels, memes, and spots. You must feature in the newest hangout spot in town, and take a photo to prove it. You must have the latest outfits and it must look good on you. If you could, you must hire the trending artist to perform at your birthday. Always be updated and make headlines.
  6. Gadgets It will be very hard to slay if you do not own the top and best gadgets. You cannot want to slay with a low quality camera phone. At least have one, when you have a posh car parked behind you. People are going to look at what you have, and tag it to your capabilities. Own a mansion, a nice car, the latest phone, laptop, and anything that can keep the world talking.

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