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How to build Your Social Network

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Reconnect with old friends. Think about people who you know from the past, such as friends you made when you were in school or when you were working at a certain place. You may also have old friends from childhood or from when you used to be part of a club or group. Reach out to them so you can socialize.
For example, you may message an old friend and say, “I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked but I would love to reconnect” or “Hello old friend, how are things?”

Get to know your neighbours. Bring over cookies or tea to your neighbors as a way to introduce yourself. Focus on neighbors that you feel you might connect with, such as neighbors your age or that share your interests

Be friendly with people in your classes or at work. Connect with your peers in your classes, especially peers who sit next to you or near you. You can also be friendly towards people you work with as a way to grow your social network.
For example, you may say to your peer, “Charlie sup with the exam Have you started studying for the test?” or “How did you do on the exam?” as a way of starting a conversation with them.
You can also say to people you work with, “How are your weekend?” to be friendly and social.

Join a club at school or work. Meet new people and socialize by joining a school club, such as debate club, math league, or the drill team. You can also become a member of a group at work, such as the social events club or the company softball team.
You can also join a group outside of school or work, such as taking an arts class or joining a recreational sports league.

Meet online friends in real life. If you connect with people online, see if you can move these interactions into real life. Propose meeting in person for a coffee or a drink with people you chat with online on social media or in online groups.
For example, you may say to the person, “It’s been fun chatting with you online, want to meet up for a coffee?” or “I would love to continue our conversation over a drink.”

Participate in community events. Look for local groups in your community that can help you connect with new people based on shared interests. If you like reading, for example, you could join a book club. If you like exercise, you could join a running group. There are groups for almost any interest.
Check flyers in local hangouts like coffee shops and site like Meetup.com to find groups or events in your area.

Volunteer at local organizations. Pick an organization that you believe in and want to contribute to. Volunteer your time so you can meet other like minded people and bond with others while you help people.
For example, you may volunteer at a local music or arts festival.

Sharing is Caring

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