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Tips on how to dress well

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Always try to remember the first impression rule. Your appearance speak a lot about you so make sure whenever you are putting on a dress, it must be done well. Being it casual, formal, or occasional wear it must be on point. And guess what you don’t need to be rich like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gate, Benard Arnault, Tomdavidas or Aliko Dangote etc. in order to dress well. Follow the steps below

Buy Quality Over Quantity
Quality always trumps quantity, especially for big-ticket items like suits, shoes, outerwear, and bags. A five hundred dollar navy blue suit will get you years of wear, while the fused lapels on your one hundred dollar suit are bubbling after a month. This isn’t like buying a car, either. You can fix up a beater, but buying cheap clothes is akin to throwing your money in the trash.

Get A Good Tailor

In as much as you shop for your clothes yourself you will not always have the right size to fit you.
Even the finest clothes need tweaks and a truly talented tailor can act as your advisor. He won’t just shorten your jacket sleeves and take in the waist (but, of course, he’ll do that too), he’ll also guide you to better style with his expert eye.
You may be wrearing the world most leading fashion brand and Designer cloth but it will supprise you to know that you will not get the recognition that you deserve all because of your lack of neatness. ‘Cleanliness as they say is next to Godliness’ be neat in that simple dress and see how people will be ready to admire and welcome you.

Learn How to Iron your clothes:
There’s a reason the Marines make you learn how to iron your uniform; it’s the easiest way to freshen up your clothes and make them look sharp. Knowing how to do this will also save you money, requiring you to get your shirts and suits cleaned and pressed just a little bit less each year. The trouser crease is hardest to nail, so tread lightly while learning this technique. Fortunately, modern decorum doesn’t require you to have creased trousers, but it does look sharp.
Learn How to Tie at Least Two Necktie Knots
You should already know how to tie the simple, versatile, and stylish four-in-hand knot, which is all you need for most situations. But there will come a time, maybe at your friend’s wedding, when you have to wear a skinny tie or a spread collar, and adding a half-Windsor knot to your arsenal will help fill in that extra space or beef up that slim neckwear. And, you just might save the rest of the groomsmen from looking awlful.
know how to Bow Tie for Tuxedos
In civilian life, bow ties can come of a bit pretentious (I see you Tucker Carlson), but for tuxedos, morning suits, and dinner jackets, they’re an absolute must. Clip-ons are for little boys, so at least become familiar with tying a bow tie, ‘cuz eventually you’re gonna need it.

Change Your Wardrope Periodically
At least every four months you have to get rid of your old clothes so that you can have space for your new clothes. This will help you refresh up , have new environment and boost your plans and your mentality to achieve your goals.
Organize  Your Wardrope
Arrange your clothes such that you can easily locate them to suit the occation. Dont mix your casual wears with your formal wear. My Mom will always draw my attention to this. “Dave where are you going with that dress. The same cloth today for party, tommorrow church and that…I have told you to learn how to rganize your wardrope okay”

You Must Get a Good Shoeshine Kit and Know How to Use It
Fact: women look at your shoes. Another fact: scuffed shoes will ensure you never get laid. So, get a good shoeshine kit (with wax polish, a welt brush, polishing cloth, buffing brush, and a toothbrush for details), and get those puppies in shape. Shining your shoes prolongs the life of your shoes, adds the perfect finishing touch to slick suit, and can spice up an easy-wearing casual outfit. It’s a no-brainer
Be Honest About Your Body Shape

Look, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, and ignoring a larger frame to try and squeeze into a Thom Browne suit is only going to exaggerate that girth. Be honest with yourself. Knowing that you have a bigger belly, a weak chest, or wide hips will only help you buy the right clothes, plus a good tailor can make alterations that minimize these problem areas. And remember, black and navy blue always lengthen and slim the body.

What Colors Suit Your Skin Tone

This is a bit trickier, and you may need to seek advice from fashionable friends or salespeople. Navy blue, black, and most shades of gray look good on everyone, but brighter colors can present problems. With warm, dark skin, you can pull off bright oranges, reds, and yellows that would wash out or overwhelm a fairer-skinned man. Cool, lighter skin tones work best with emeralds, blues, and purples. Experiment and ask for advice.

Don’t Over-Accessorize

See above, and don’t go nuts. Coco Chanel’s famous rule: “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off,” works for men too. If you’re wearing a bracelet to brunch, you probably don’t need a necklace too. Be subtle, be classic.

Most Important, Be Yourself
Not to get sappy, but this is the most important rule of all. If you don’t feel comfortable in something, it will show, and you’ll only look worse. By all means, push your boundaries, but always stay true to your tastes. I hope if you follow this your confidence level will be high whenever you dress. Remember, ….
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