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How to sustain positive social interactions – Social Friends

How to sustain positive social interactions – Social Friends

Sustain positive social interactions – In order to keep up strong connections, one must be fascinating. It raises your appeal to others, makes you fun to connect with, and significantly improves your appeal to persons of the other.
So how do we exactly become more intriguing?
Let’s look at what makes individuals boring to begin.
In this group, there are two different kinds of persons.

Those that wish to blend in are what I like to refer to as the Plain Janes (honest, non-polarizing).
Which is just acceptable, but they frequently go too far.
They frequently stick to socially acceptable speech and behavior.
Things that no one will give them a second thought.
They make the same jokes, enjoy hanging out in the same spots, and watch the same programs that everyone else does.

They don’t look intriguing because they don’t polarize, which is why.
Others will build an opinion about you based on anything controversial that you do.
For instance, if I publicly said that I thought Mexican food is bad, there would be some who agreed with me and those who did not.
Because of their divisive material, certain Youtube channels with devoted followers occasionally receive highly irate comments.

Plain Janes make an effort to steer clear of divisive words and deeds.
And as a result, they are unable to elicit any form of feeling from others with whom they contact.
It is hard to be intriguing without polarizing.
How can we polarize ourselves more?
Exposing oneself to a wide range of experiences is the greatest way to do this.
reading more books, viewing indie films and television series, and attending lectures on topics you may not always agree with.

You may begin to develop a distinct set of thoughts and preferences by exposing yourself to fresh perspectives and other people’s points of view.
Naturally, this will make you more divisive.
I prefer to refer to the second category of uninteresting individuals as the Creeps.
Creeps divide people.
They engage in divisive speech, polarizing interests, and polarizing behaviors that distinguish them from others.

They conceal their motives, though.
People in your immediate vicinity will frequently ask you why you did anything controversial.
For instance, the other day when I was using the restroom, a buddy of mine stepped in since I had forgotten to lock the door.
He hurriedly apologized, turned his head aside, and walked out.
The trouble is, I don’t sit on the toilet as most people do when I use the restroom; instead, I squat on top of the toilet.

This is an extremely divisive activity on its own.
It’s a bit strange.
My friend then asked me what I was doing in the restroom.
In this circumstance, a creep would probably attempt to cover up the fact that they were acting strangely in the first place.
They would respond with something like, “What?
I wasn’t doing anything,” or snarl, “You know…You should really knock before you open a locked door,” indignantly.

People will instantly believe there is a terrible reason you are suppressing this information if you restrict a thorough discourse about your divisive conduct.
This is how people react.
Fear comes from the unknown.
We naturally fear the dark and deep, muddy water because of this.
It’s this uneasy sensation that gives you a scary vibe.
Some people struggle with learning how to be more honest.
The internalization of the following idea, in my opinion, also helps.

The most important thing to keep in mind while lying is that the more lies you tell, the simpler it will be for others to see contradictions in your statements or behavior.
Imagine it as the Hercules movie’s hydra.
Three new inconsistencies are born (three more hydra heads appear in its place) for every lie you tell (or for every head of the hydra you chop off).
After just a few falsehoods, the ordinary individual may easily identify some discrepancies in your stories.

And once they do, all of the trust you’ve developed with them will be lost.
You are categorised right away as someone they can’t trust and a possible foe.
Being seen as someone who can’t be trusted is preferable to being divisive and having people disagree with you on issues.
Nobody wants to be associated with someone who could betray them.
Okay, let’s recap what makes people dull.

Plain Janes don’t stir up controversy but are straightforward in their behavior.
primarily because they act impartially and have nothing to conceal.
On the other hand, creeps are divisive but conceal their behavior.
Here’s how to make yourself more captivating.

You must be controversial while yet being truthful about your deeds.
When you are sincere and controversial, you will say strange things that catch people’s attention, and the fact that you are self-assured enough to support your strange beliefs breeds intrigue.
People will ponder your motives for doing these things as well as any further peculiar behaviors you may have.

Let’s revisit the instance of my toilet behavior.
I answered honestly to my buddy who had just experienced a very divisive circumstance when he asked, “What were you doing in the bathroom?” I said, “Oh, I always squat on top of the toilet.” As a result, mystery and curiosity are generated.
Of course, he immediately says, “Wait…why.”

Consider a moment to write down your thoughts on the circumstance as well.
Most likely, you’re curious about why I do this as well.
Improvement Pill stands on toilet tops for what reason?
Right there in front of you, interest is being developed.
Honest and divisive.

If you’re wondering why I squatted on top of the toilet, read on.
Actually, it’s because you guys aren’t using the restroom correctly.
As you can see, for millions of years, our predecessors passed their stools while squatting.
Actually, our bodies are built to expel waste in a certain manner.
Actually, using the restroom while seated makes it considerably more difficult to complete the task.
So you don’t have to exert any effort when you squat on top of the toilet.
For certain of its patients, several hospitals really employ this form so they may use the restroom more efficiently.

Anyone of us may improve their interest level.
All you need to do is practice being as honest as you can about your beliefs and behavior while working to become more divisive.
Naturally, this will increase your attractiveness.
Speaking of how to be more fascinating, the people at Brilliant.Org helped make this episode possible.
Learning about math, physics, logic, and other intriguing topics may be done on the divisive and open-minded website brilliant.

What’s wonderful about them is that they don’t only present data or formulae for you to memorize.
Instead, they use a method of instruction that makes learning enjoyable.
Intriguing questions that test your knowledge and correct any holes in your understanding are supplied to you.

They provide you the right response and a justification for it whenever you encounter a knowledge gap.
Right now, “The Joy of Problem Solving” is my favorite course.
I firmly think that anyone who aspires to one day lead a prosperous organization must possess problem-solving skills.

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