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How To Withdraw Cash From Sairui Mall With Your ATM Account

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Yes business is all about making money out of your investment. At the end of the day profit that comes out from your business can be withdraw and spend in so many ways, you can reinvest some, you can also spend some in your own ways depending on your priorities and this what sairui mall stands for! After a few rounds of trading depending on your VIP level, you will certainly have some money sitting in your Sairui Mall account that you would like to cash out from your account. It is important to know how to complete this task and which options are available for you. This post will explain step by step how to withdraw your accumulated Sairui points in cash. In order to get your Sairui points out of your Sairui back office as cash into your wallet or bank account, please follow the following step:


The whole process starts by clicking on “Cash Withdraw” from your back office. “Cash Withdraw”, circled in black is found on the left-hand side of the screen in your Sairui back office under the “Financial” rubric as shown on the illustration on the left. This action will open a window from where you will initiate you cash withdrawal.

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After clicking on “Cash Withdraw” as shown above, the window below will open:

Click on the red “Withdraw”  button. This action will open up the window where you are supposed to enter the information for your withdrawal. The window below should be displayed next for most users.

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As you can see in the picture above, for those who would like to withdraw their money through a bank wire or Mobile Money, the bank information is missing. This information should have been entered in a different screen that most people overlook when creating their account; I will go back to that shortly.

The next picture shows what those trying to withdraw their money in bitcoin (BTC) would get.

For the same reason as above, you can see that the information about the bitcoin wallet address is missing and for that reason, the funds’ transfer to the wallet is not possible.


Many when creating their account tend to overlook this step but are forced to go back when comes time to get money out of the Sairui Mall platform. It is not a major issue as all you need to do is to go back and complete the steps of recording your banking/bitcoin information. The picture on the left illustrates what to click and the picture below will explain how this is done:

  1. In this field “1”, you have to enter your banking information. Because Sairui main target is Africa, you will find mostly African banks and African means of transferring money between people. So, represented in the list are Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, etc. However, you also find in the list, a few Swedish banks; so for those living in Sweden, they can easily get their money transferred to Sweden if they do bank with any of the Swedish bank listed. The picture on the right gives an overview of the banks and means of transfer listed.
  2. In the field “2”. you enter your bank account number
  3. In the field “3” you enter the name of the bank from which you plan to make your deposit if you intend to make your deposit through bank wire
  4. In the field “4” you enter your BTC bitcoin wallet address
  5. In the field “5” you enter the bank account holder’s name

Also ensure all your other details are accurate then click the red “CONFIRM” button at the bottom to save all changes.

Once this is completed, your wallet address window will look like the picture below:

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you can make another attempt at initiating a withdrawal.


Now that we’ve entered all information in the system, we can attempt another withdraw by clicking on “CASH WITHDRAW” as shown on the picture on the left. after clicking we should now get the picture  displayed below:

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  1. Rectangle #1 shows how many Sairui points you have, the currency you are withdrawing (it’s either USD or BTC) as well as all the banking information we recorded above. This is the information that was previously missing! This means we can now proceed with the withdrawal.
  2. In rectangle #2, you choose your local currency in which the payment will be made. If you are in Africa, you have a whole variety of currencies to choose from. XAF (CFA franc from central and also some west African countries), Naira for Nigeria, BTC etc.
  3. In rectangle #3, please enter the amount you which to withdraw
  4. In rectangle #4, the system converts the amount you are withdrawing into the currency chosen
  5. In rectangle #5, you enter your payment password for confirmation
  6. In rectangle #6, enter any relevant note that you believe is important; this is mostly left blank
  7. And finally, you click on the red “SUBMIT” button to confirm the transaction


If the funds are withdrawn into a bitcoin wallet, then the wallet address information is already filled in automatically from the steps completed earlier. In this case, all you need to do now is just to fill in the missing information.

  • Rectangle #1 shows how many Sairui points you have
  • In rectangle #2, you have selected bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal
  • In rectangle #3 your BTC wallet address got automatically populated from your stored information
  • In rectangle #4, you enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • In rectangle #5 the system converts and displays the amount you will be getting in the chosen currency
  • In rectangle #6, please enter your payment password to confirm the transaction
  • In rectangle #7 enter any relevant note
  • Then click the red “SUBMIT”


I hope the above steps were not overly complicated to follow and made sense. Although the above steps are the official ways to withdraw funds from the Sairui platform, people have developed ways to get around the system and instead of withdrawing the money out of the Sairui platform, they take the money from the new sign-ups and transfer Sairui points and everyone is happy. Are you still thinking about whether to join or not? Don’t think too long because life is about taking calculated risks and in my humble opinion, Sairui is a risk to take.

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Once again feel free to contact me if you face any challenge: contact +233245323461 email: tomdavidas@gmail.com

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