I’m lonely, yet I’m not interested in making friends. Why? – Social Friends

I’m lonely, yet I’m not interested in making friends. Why? – Social Friends

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I’m lonely, yet I’m not interested in making friends. Why – Social Friends

I’m lonely, yet I’m not interested in making friends. Why? – Social Friends

Making friends – Professional mental and physical health are always changing and have limitless potential. It is up to you to obtain a clinical diagnostic in regard to cures and treatments (but remember that dealing with professionals in this area is the same as dealing with anybody else in general…)

Additionally, consulting a professional does not guarantee a remedy. You are not a “quirk” if you are a specific manner. There is no commandment that says you must have friends, therefore I advise owning up to it. Despite this, I seem to do well at being nice.

I also find that when I’m out and about, I’m friendlier and more aware of my surroundings (which is considered abnormal) Because of the pressure from society to like what we are supposed to appreciate, everything I do FEEL odd ( to increase profits) For instance, if individuals are productive, they reduce their desire for phony fulfillment.

For instance, I believe I am in touch with myself, and if someone has offended me, I break off communication right away. There’s no need for me to contribute to the chaos of things that need to be organized. I don’t have friends because I was wronged after offering my warmth, but I do find it comfortable.

Less crucial than how to avoid it is the reason why this or that occurred. You will soon know exactly who you want to strike up a conversation with. I have thin boundaries because I’m an introvert, and that’s okay!

Because depression is the mind’s way of doing maintenance, i.e., perceived traumas necessitate years of knotty unwinding thinking, tears, ups and downs, pain, wrath, and loneliness, being sad has the appearance of being an introvert. There are drugs for anything (for good), but you must strike a balance between your mental and medical judgments.

experimenting with mental medications is permitted under close supervision Just keep in mind to be very clear about YOU and your feelings around it. If no one points out the strangeness, you will replicate your good sensations whenever you are pleased. staying away from others as you restore yourself is definitely best. Finding the root of clinical sadness is pointless; instead, learn how to utilize Google to your advantage.

If you’re an introvert like me, you function at your peak when you feel comfortable connecting with your mind, body, and internal and external energy. I am an expert on myself; I am not an expert on introversion. I advise solitary confinement to the farthest extent, then navigate from there. I guarantee that wherever you wind up in the cosmos, it will be a perfectly excellent, uniquely customized existence.

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