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Is better late than never, Fix Your Social Life

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Are you worried about you feeling inferior? where you only have a couple of friends, if any, and those friends mostly bore you, ignore you or make fun of you, if you rarely have meaningful interactions with others and you spend most of your free time alone, then you need not only to enhance your social life, but to fix it.

Because it is broken. And this is likely affecting your emotional state, your overall life satisfaction, and your productivity.

No matter what your social life cannot be undermined

Fortunately, no matter how damaged your social life is, you can always repair it. Here’s how:

Get Some Hobbies

One of the best ways I know to meet new people is by taking on various hobbies that put you around people or involve social interaction. And meeting new people is a prerequisite for fixing your social life.

For example, take a few dancing lessons (in whatever style of dancing catches your eye). You’ll meet new people, you’ll dance with members of the opposite sex and you’ll learn a useful skill. Plus, you can then go to parties and use dancing as a way to meet even more people.

Be Social

By putting yourself in environments where there are other people, you’re making the first crucial step. But it’s not sufficient.

You want to also take the initiative, introduce yourself to others and chat with them. Standing by yourself in a corner and waiting for others will usually not do it. It’s important to be social yourself.

If you’re somewhat hesitant to talk to strangers, bear in mind they’re probably as eager to meet new people as you are. I can tell you from experience that, especially in the context of a class or a party or an event, most people are quite friendly and open to being approached.

Make New Interactions Happen

With some people you will connect more than with others. It is with these people you connect with the best that I encourage you to keep in touch.

You can rely on just meeting over and over again by having the same hobby, but what if one of you eventually quits it? It’s just not a good option.

A much better idea is to exchange contact details with the people you get along well with, and then get in touch with them and generate future interactions.

For example, give them a phone call and ask them to meet you for a beer or a coffee or something. That’s the most straightforward way to build a relationship.

Be Genuine

If when you interact with others, you put on a façade in order to please them, they will usually realize this, sooner or later.

And while they may appreciate the fact you want to please them that much, they will also see you as fake and untrustworthy, which makes it hard for your relationship to develop. A strong relationship requires trust. This is why being genuine is a must for fixing your social life.

There you have it: a simple and practical formula for fixing your social life. It brings new people into your life and it strengthens the relationships with the most potential, which almost guarantees a rich and fulfilling social circle for you. It is important because no matter what your social life cannot be undermined. Social Life…All Eyes On You!!

Sharing is Caring

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