Did You Know About The Mall Of Africa?

Did You Know About The Mall Of Africa?

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Mall of Africa is one of the largest shopping mall in Africa in fact the third largest mall after Gateway  Theatre of shopping. Mall of Africa is located in Waterfall city, Midrand, Guateng Province South Africa.

Your favourite travel Vlogger/Blogger I am here once again to share with you my shopping experience inside the third largest shopping mall in Africa. One thing that is normal about the mall of Africa is the fact that shoppers enter and cannot find their way out. Yeah I mean people go inside the mall and get lost because the mall is too big such that you cannot identify your entry and exit points from the many.

I met a lot of my South African followers at the mall of Africa it was amazing how they welcomed me…wow South Africans can be very supportive they were hailing me all over to their friends as Tomdavidas the travel vlogger. I loved the term lets support our brother as they gather around me. I love❤️you all. I met some Ghanaian couples who were shopping at the mall of Africa and it was lovely.

Shopping mall
Mall of Africa

Your adventurer Tomdavidas I have a trick for you whenever you go to the mall of Africa after parking your car try and take a GPS location at your point of entry to the mall. Save the location on your phone this will save you a lot of  ‘Mary go round’ and a possibility of you getting missing at the shopping mall after you are done with your shopping. When you a done shopping just enter the GPS location of your entry point and follow the direction this will save you from spending three days at the third largest mall in Africa, The Mall Of Africa.

Tomdavidas at Mall Of Africa

Tomdavidas Vlog.. I always say you stay subscribed so we have a great time. Please don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section if you have shopped at the mall of Africa before.

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