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Breast cancer awareness
No Bra Day October 13

2020 ‘No Bra Day’ What you need to know

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People across the world celebrate International No Bra Day on October 13th.

Although this day is celebrated widely, there are a few details about it that still remain unknown to most people including the reason and significance behind it.

To begin with, women are encouraged not to wear bras on this day as a sign of spreading breast cancer awareness.

According to Wikipedia, No Bra Day is marked in October because this is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Both men and women across the world create awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer through social media.

The objective of creating awareness is so as to enable women to detect signs of breast cancer at its early stage and therefore get appropriate treatment.

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There are however women who are not comfortable walking without their bras, as such, they are encouraged to wear purple clothes so as to take part in the campaign.

All women are advised to go for mammogram screening to check if they have breast cancer or not. Women are urged to seek medical services immediately they suspect they have signs of breast cancer.

Kenyan social media users were not left behind in celebrating this crucial day and creating breast cancer awareness.

They took to Twitter under the #NoBraDay to take part in the campaign.

Sharing is Caring

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