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NSMQ 2020 : What You’ve Missed So far, Get All The Facts And Figures -Statistics

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*Quarter Finals pairings so far*

*Contest 1*: Holy Child vs Wesley Girls vs Opoku Ware 

*Contest 2*: Boa Amponsem vs GSTS vs St Mag Mary 

*Contest 3* Kumasi Sec Tech vs Accra Academy vs St Augustine College 

*Contest 4* Achimota School vs Prempeh College vs KASS 

*Contest 5* Keta SHTS vs Pope John SHS vs Navrongo SHS 

*Contest 6* Kumasi Academy vs Armed Forces SHTS vs Apam SHS 

*Contest 7* Adisadel College vs OLA SHS vs St Peters SHS 

*Seeded schools per Regional Zones*

*Central Zone*

St Augustine College (53)
Adisadel College (50)
Wesley Girls (46)
Holy Child School (46)
Apam SHS (39)
Boa Amponsem (28)

*Western Zone*

Ghana Sec Tech School (36)

*Ashanti Zone*

Kumasi Academy (53)
Prempeh College (49)
Opoku Ware School (46)
Kumasi Anglican (43)
Kumasi Sec Tech (40)
Armed Forces SHTS (34)

*Greater Accra Zone*

St Margaret Mary SHS (27)
Accra Academy (48)
Achimota School (42)

*Volta Oti Zone*

OLA SHS (46)
Keta SHTS (45)

*Eastern Zone*

St Peters SHS (68)
Pope John SHS (44)

*Northern Zone*

Navrongo SHS (41)

*Speed Race scores of Quarter Finalist so far*

Achimota School (16)
St Peters SHS (16)
Wesley Girls SHS (11)
Adisadel College (10)
Keta SHTS (09)
Accra Academy (08)
Ghana Sec Tech School (08)
St Augustine College (07)
Prempeh College (07)
Pope John SHS (06)
Armed Forces SHTS (06)
St Mag Mary SHS (06)
Opoku Ware School (06)
Holy Child School (06)
Apam SHS (05)
Kumasi Academy (05)
OLA SHS (04)
Kumasi Anglican (02)
Kumasi Sec Tech (00)
Navrongo SHS (-01)
Boa Amponsem (-02)

*True or False scores of Quarter Finalist so far*

Prempeh College (8/8 correct)
Holy Child School (8/8 correct)
St Peters SHS (8/8 correct)
Kumasi Anglican (7/8 correct)
Kumasi Academy (7/8 correct)
Pope John SHS (7/8 correct)
Navrongo SHS (7/8 correct) 
St Augustine College (7/8 correct)
OLA SHS (7/8 correct)
Accra Academy (7/8 correct)
Achimota School (7/8 correct)
Opoku Ware (7/8 correct)
Kumasi Sec Tech (7/8 correct)
Wesley Girls SHS (7/8 correct)
Adisadel College (6/8 correct) 
Boa Amponsem (6/8 correct)
Apam SHS (6/8 correct)
Armed Forces SHTS (6/8 correct)
Ghana Sec Tech School (6/8 correct) 
St Mag Mary SHS (6/8 correct)
Keta SHTS (5/8 correct) 

*Riddle Scores of Quarter Finalist so far*

St Peters SHS (12)
Kumasi Academy (09)
Pope John SHS (09)
Prempeh College (08)
Holy Child School (07)
St Augustine College (07)
Navrongo SHS (06)
St Mag Mary (06)
Opoku Ware (06)
Boa Amponsem (03)
Keta SHTS (03)
Kumasi Anglican (03)
Adisadel College (03)
Ghana Sec Tech School (03)
Armed Forces SHTS (03)
Kumasi Sec Tech (03)
Apam SHS (03)
OLA SHS (03)
Wesley Girls (00)
Accra Academy (00)
Achimota School  (00)

*Quarter Finalist who are winners of NSMQ star ie. 10/10 in POD*

Ghana Sec Tech School 
Accra Academy 

*2019 seeded schools who have lost seeding spots so far*

Chemu SHS (37)
TI Amass Kumasi (30)
Tamale SHS (30)
Ghana SHS Tamale (23)
Obuasi SHTS (21)
Kpando SHTS (19)
Oti Boateng SHS (14)

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