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Osino Presby SHTS makes way to quarter-final stage of NSMQ

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Osino Presby SHTS has qualified for the next stage in the National Science and Maths Quiz after eliminated KNUST SHS and St John’s Grammar in the last day of the one-eighth contest on Thursday.

Maxwell Arthur and Gideon Nyira Quaye who represented Osino Presby SHTS outmatched their opponents in the 4-round contest.


Osino Presby SHTS took the lead in the first round with 13 points, followed by KNUST SHS with 11 points and St John’s Grammar with only 5 points.


The speed race in round 2 proved to be a huge challenge for all three schools.

Osino Presby SHTS and St John’s Grammar SHS were unable to increase their score, while KNUST SHS tragically fell by 4 points on the scoreboard.


KNUST SHS regained grounds by securing an additional 6 points in round 3.

St John’s Grammar SHS and Osino Presby SHTS scored 5 points and 4 points respectively in the ‘Problem of the Day’.


As the contest drew to a close, Osino Presby SHTS secured their lead position with 27 points.


At the end of the contest, Osino Presby SHS won the contest with 30 points, leaving KNUST SHS and St John’s Grammar SHS behind with 23 points and 14 points respectively.

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