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Speech by President Trump

President Trump’s speech after Iran missile attack on U.S military base in Iraq

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Quassem Soleimani was a terrorist and deserved to be wiped out from the face of the earth.

The killing of Soleimani is a lesson to other terrorist that if they love their lives then they should learn how to value that of others.

The strike had no human casualties on both the Iraqi and American side because of the precautions taking and early worning defensive system in place

Very negible asset damage was witness.

Iran appears to be standing down which is a good thing for everyone and the world.

More economic sanctions shall be added to punish Iran until it changes it behaviour

America is willing to work in association to conquer ISIS making Iran a better place and alredy did Iran a favor by defeating ISIS territorially and killing their leader.

America is willing to talk with Iran to help them obtain the better life they deserve

The preesident called on NATO to be more involved in the Iran issues

The president emphasis Iran shall never possess nuclear weapons while he is still the president of the United states.

The president also calls on Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia to completely abandon the nuclear deal thereby causing Iran to comply to a new one.

The United state is has the strongest military assets but does not wish to use it on Iran except otherwise,

Many people might not be satisfied with the speech especially the public which might have been hoping for an immediate retaliation from the president as he promised earlier. The president earlier said should Iran retaliate then American shall strike back fast and hard. But certainly the retaliation of Iran is way down below expectations and there should be no reason for the president to command a retaliation for such a minimal strike. Even thought the president did specify a condition for retaliation.

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