Sharing is Caring

This is the main privacy policy for misociallife.com – an organisation deeply interested in the privacy of users. These privacy guidelines, outlined below, focus on protecting the rights and liabilities of our users.

The privacy policy covers
Personal details
What personal details are used for
Age Limits for users
Usage of cookies

Personal details
Personal details gathered, including emails, name and other essential details through misociallife.com’s open forum, among others will be kept confidential.
Personal data submitted will be used for purposes for which it was originally collected. Data collected will only be used for other purposes if permitted.
Since misociallife.com is accessible on the internet, people around the world who log onto our website can see your comments particularly on our articles.

Logging in details
Logging on to misociallife.com, through Facebook log-in, grants permission for Facebook to share your details with us. These could include address, date of birth, name, location etc.
You also grant Google permission to share your user details when you log in to our sites using a google log in. This also includes name, email address, date etc.
Other details on log files include Internet Service Provider, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, type of browser among others.

Age Limits
Since misociallife.com is a news website with useful information that will serve audience of different ages, there are no age limits. The site is therefore open to all.

Cookie Usage
Although misociallife.com uses cookies to gather and store specific data and personal details of consumers, these details are not sold out or made accessible to third parties.
Information gathered is specifically used in tracking user numbers and visitations to the website.
misociallife.com is not linked to apps and sites operated by third parties. However, in some instances, some stories may contain links to press statements and PDF from various sources.
You could contact us on info@misociallife.com if you have questions on our privacy policy and how we handle your data.

Sharing is Caring