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Rapperholic Sarkodie has disclosed What makes Him Unique when it comes to rapping

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Rapperholic Sarkodie

The 2019 VGMA Decade Artist and one of Africa’s best rappers, Sarkodie Obidi, more popularly known as Sarkodie has after a long wait disclose What makes Him Unique when it comes to rapping. Sarkodie in a recent interview with Citi FM talked about the Twi language, artists he listened to and the difference between him and other rappers.

Currently promoting his Mary album, Sark explained;

“The funny thing is I don’t speak Twi, Obrafour actually speaks Twi. He knows how to pronounce certain words, but I don’t know. But I’m good at having a very good Twi accent so it makes somebody that likes Twi enjoy it when I say something.

“People think rap is about bars. No, it’s how you say it. If you are talking to someone and you are pissed, the emotions you use, should be the same when you are rapping about it.”

The Elijah rapper talking about his influences in the rap scene revealed;

Obrafour, Reggie Rockstone, Okomfour Kwadee and Lord Kenya were very influential. Those are the classics, I still listen to them till date. But I don’t see myself as them; like Obrafour did, coming after Reggie. I am doing what the new ears will be used to, so when the next person comes, he will bring a new feel to the whole thing to make it refreshing to the new audience too.”

Talking about the difference between his style and his comrades, he concluded;

“Sometimes I ask myself the difference between me and the other rappers out there. And I think all they do is to rap and that’s the problem. I think the rap should be like you are having a conversation. It has to be free. But you have to be an addict of rap to be in that zone or level.”

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