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Traffic jam

Read this if you are caught in traffic jam before!

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I know how it feels when one is caught in vehicle road traffic. I believe you also do. I am not going to talk too much about time because I believe at every point in time we are in a hurry to achieve our goals and the targets set for ourselves. This to me makes time a constant factor in everything that we do.

From my personal observation I have seen Drivers And passengers on several instances showing disgust to the situation whenever they found themselves caught in road traffic. At this time one can even dance to sound of the juggles peoples do in their vehicles. You see people hitting their hands on the steering wheel. Demonstrating all sorts of mood and actions just to show how unhappy they are. As to the sounds of horns of vehicles, they are turn into a music rhythm at this point lol.

But the question is does road Traffic always take us by suprise? Or we should just get use to it as we continue to find the other alternatives to cure this menace?

But hey, here is the advantage side of it

Because we spend most of our time in vehicles we meet different kinds of people always and for that matter our Social Live needs to be considered. I will urge us to look at the positive side of road traffic. To me this is another opportunity for me to look around me and encourage myself syche myself up and also pursue my dreams. Are you asking yourself how am I going to do that… hahaha very simple.

Whenever I am caught up in traffic I begin to realize that life is full of realities than illusions. with this I am able to tune myself and think about life the way I should face it.

It is good to be content with what you have but sometimes it is also good to set bigger challenges for yourself and a lot of this can found on road traffic. Lets look at it this way, The vehicle infront of you is your Dream Car, it is being driven by another person this gives you the hope that it is possible you will be able to buy that car one day.

You want your son or daughter to become a Doctor right? look next to you is car driven by a doctor…hahaha.. Just take him as a role model for your children and see them becoming a Doctor for you. In summary whenever you are in traffic just remember that you have the opportunity to witness real life. This is a world on it own because this where the disabled man will approach you one on one. This is where you meet the abandoned orphan strugling to sell to make a living.

This is where you meet the poor and the rich to strike the real difference. In the road traffic you can meet the great politicians that you have only heared of their names. The road traffic is another opportunity for you to have a glimpse of Super Stars like Bloggers, Movie Actors and Actresses, Musicians, celebrities etc that you are dreaming to see them one day because they are your Fan. It is interesting isn’t it?…. Hey please don’t forget we are still caught up in the road traffic. That is Social Life for you, it is everywhere you go. As the slogan says, Social Life…All Eyes On You!!!

Sharing is Caring

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