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Social impression about the type of car you drive

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Social Life…All Eyes On You, Are you aware the type of car you drive, gives an impression about your social life. “The car you buy or drive and the way you think and feel about it is significant, just as the clothes you wear, or the partner or career you choose, are significant—they’re all choices people make”. -Dr. Thomas D’Agostino

Mid-Sized Sedans

Salon Car, Mid size Sedan

You will put your hands up first to help out with any charity event and is very much a part of the community sitting down chatting about anything at your Taman’s playground. This car could be a hand-me-down or a practical purchase. You could be embarking on a career path and wish to own that expensive and luxury car one day, but you accept that this is a process and takes time. All you need is the car to take you to a romantic trip, or a trip to the city view by the lake or the mountains to feel the charm of life. You are a romantic but you have both feet firmly planted on the ground. To you, at the moment the car is not the most important thing, but movement in life is.
You are just a pragmatic person. Great mindset let build the solid foundation of our future today!

City Cars

Hyundai Elantra

If you own a city car like a Prius, Honda City, or a Smart Car, (elantra) chances are you are a go-getter and love zipping around town. Convenience is key for you, and your focus is more on enjoying life in the present. Finding a parking spot to hit the favourite cafe or nightclub to watch the sun come up after a full night of fun is something you love to do, and why not with affordable fuel and maintenance? You prefer to live in the big city, or higher density neighbourhoods and you’re not insanely ambitious, you know how to take it easy. Just be careful out there, and try not to double park too often! hmm are you guilty or not? lol

Luxury & sport cars

Bugatti Sports Car

Luxury & sport cars are exclusively to make a dramatic statement that begs everyone to stare and look at you. More so if your luxury car comes with some fancy colours, accessories or finishes. You love the attention and feels it gives you more credibility. You strive for freedom and space to live your life, but I would advice that you take caution: you should focus on your depth of character over the shininess of your car.

You usually see successful real estate agents driving up to a home sale in a beautiful breathtaking luxury or sports cars. True Story : A friend (real estate agent) once told me that once she started hitting sales records in the millions, her employer insisted that her reliable VW should be exchanged for a Mercedes C series and that it will be included in her salary package. This is because in sales, people often have more trust and believe in the skills of the person if they are driving a better car. The perception is they are that good and successful that they can afford to buy and drive a luxury car to work.

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Men of business ideology, always liked luxury / Sports cars and drives one because they feels it’s important to make a good impression with potential investors.

Having said that, there are a number of executives who enjoy the class and speed of sports car tend to keep it at the garrage only to be savoured during their social life to avoid all the attention.

Family Hatchback / SUV’s

Family Car

The Family Hatchback also portrays someone that is handy and resourceful because a family person always finds a way out of any problem. While some may view you as boring, you are reliable and dependable and focus more on practically rather than making a style statement. It also gives the vibe of responsibility and being careful with your finances and choices in life. You may have kids, and you’ve still got your own life to live. At least, you think you do.

…Despite everything that your car says about you, public transport can help to get away with the stigma. right?

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