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Mind Your Church Manners vol. 1

The church is believed and known to be the house of the supreme God so it deserve the highest respect from each and everyone who goes there for any reason. Are you thinking about attending a new church, but you’re not sure what’s expected? Has it been a while since …

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12 Annoying Things People Do in Church

12 Annoying Things People Do in Church which You may be a victim There are so many rude actions of people out in public. Unfortunately, it’s so common most of us have gotten somewhat used to it. However, there is one place where people need to focus on being polite …

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How do I look in this African print?

How do i look in this African print

Fashion is part of our social Life so we cannot do away with fashion. Most at times we become confused whenever we go to the butik or shopping mall to buy new clothes for ourselves. This is not because we don’t have enough money, but how to select the choice …

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