The distinctions between social networking and social media – Social Networking

The distinctions between social networking and social media – Social Networking

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The distinctions between social networking and social media – Social Networking

The distinctions between social networking and social media – Social Networking

Social networking and social media – Do you believe that social networking and social media are interchangeable terms? Well, if you do, your business may be suffering as a result. I’ll thus distinguish between the two and explain why right now.

Social networking and media What’s the difference and why does it matter to your company? Today, we want to talk about this. Social media has a strong focus on the customer, right? Therefore, you are disseminating content. And consider it in this manner. Facebook comfortably ranks in the top 5 content creators in the world.

In the same league as Instagram, Twitter, and all of this other stuff. However, does Facebook produce any of the content?
No, who is? You and I are together. We are the ones who post stuff for consumption on social media. Considering that, you could do it all day. Even after spending two hours browsing, following, and fast-forwarding, you haven’t discovered anything worthwhile, promoted your company in any way, engaged in any collaborative ventures, or established any relationships.

However, you believe that since you are aware that social media in general would be beneficial for marketing, you should be able to do it. Even if you spend a lot of time making Facebook advertising, it’s really simple to become confused and sidetracked. Also, don’t hesitate to run an advertisement that isn’t even lucrative for you. Social media therefore differs from networking. Consider networking in this manner:

Every time you communicate with someone on social media, it’s as if you’re stepping into their living room. Imagine yourself entering the home.
Now, you and the other person are separated by screens and maybe thousands of miles. You are, however, sharing the airspace. since you’re both online. When we go online, we frequently forget how to communicate with others, how to introduce ourselves, how to discuss what we do, how to, you know, develop those joint ventures, how to network, and what information is crucial to provide.

Social media networking resembles giving individuals direct messages. Finding organizations that are pertinent to your interests seems to be the goal. Let’s dissect this and be realistic for a moment. Suppose your goal is to become a public speaker. You want to speak in front of crowds, you believe your message is important, and you even rehearse a little. Your top grievance is that I don’t have an audience. I don’t have somebody to approach. There aren’t any individuals who will pay attention to what I have to say.
What do you do and how do you link that and create that bridge using social media?


You’ll be visiting Facebook groups that are searching for speakers. So, you’re going to search for speakers on Facebook.
international speakers, or public speakers. Find organizations that relate to it. Enter such groups and start sharing things there. not only as a consumer, but also as a member of the community who truly contributes value. You may use phrases like, “Hey, I just finished the second iteration of my distinctive presentation. I filmed it. Please read this through and provide some input.”

That is networking and smart use of social media. in particular if you consider the comments that were made on that post. Anything you put in there, and start speaking openly with others. The DM is one of the most effective tools I’ve seen my kids utilize, and we frequently use it together. It’s a clear message. No matter if you use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Wherever you are, I don’t care. One of the finest methods to network is with a personalized message, especially when you’re not utilizing a robot. It also doesn’t

And it’s not just one touch. You don’t just send them a direct message and wish them well while saying, “Oh, I hope all as well.” I guess good luck.
Return my message. Those words, “Get back to me,” are poison. Because no one will respond to you, they are poisonous when used online. When they have requirements that you can meet, you need to be the first person that comes to mind. How then can you become the first person they consider? You’ll be drip-feeding campaigns there all the time.

They refer to it as a drip campaign. because all you ever do is provide information Just making touches all the time. You may do it through email, Facebook and Instagram direct messaging, as well as through these other channels. Just be touching base and checking in all the time.
You don’t want to start irritating people, you know. Respect their decision to say, “Hey, I’m really not interested.” Cool, thanks for your time, you reply. However, be the first person they consider. Consequently, when people consider, “Hey, I need a public speaker for this occasion who speaks on this issue.” They are aware to approach you first.

Therefore, start networking online by sending messages to others. Be prepared to come out from behind the Facebook screen, the DoubleTap, or the standard “like.” On social media, you can’t just be a user without contributing anything. You should both produce and consume. You will expand your network and establish contacts in this manner. I’ll only use one as an illustration. A few weeks ago, I spoke with one of my clients, and she told me that she had been syndicated on over 300 networks and channels.

I had such high hopes for her. I then said, “I tell you what. I’d love to discuss being syndicated with the individual you spoke with.” I sent her the three-way text message. She invited my friend Ralph. And after our recent conversation, we are now considering the potential of forming a joint venture.
That is the method of networking. Have I ever actually met this person? Face to face? In my life, no. One day, I hope to. But despite the fact that we have never met, we have discovered a connection and a shared message because we are open to reaching out and realizing that the person we are communicating with is a real person.

Therefore, start networking, get online, find those contacts, and grow your business. Hey, I appreciate you watching today. For me, please click the subscribe button. If you want an email sent to you each time I create a video for you, press the bell. And if you’re interested in finding out how to collaborate with me personally and develop your six-figure business? Please click the link in the comments section below, and I’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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