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Think right toward people

Think right toward people here is why.

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Here is the basic rule for winning success. Let’s mark it in the mind and remember it. The rule is: Success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be is the support of others.

Look at it this way: an executive depends on people to carry out his instructions. If they don’t, the company president will fire the executive, not the employees. A salesman depends on people to buy his product. If they don’t, the salesman fails. Likewise, a college dean depends on professors to carry forward his education program; a politician depends on voters to elect. him; a writer depends on people to read what he writes. A chain store magnate got to be a chain store magnate because employees accepted his leadership and consumers accepted his merchandising program.
There were times in history when a person could gain a position of authority through force and hold it with force and! or threats of force. In those days a man either cooperated with the “leader” or risked literally losing his head. But today, remember, a person either supports you willingly or he doesn’t support you at all. Now it’s time to ask, “Granted, I depend on others in order to achieve the success [ want, but what must I do to get these people to support me and accept my leadership?” The answer, wrapped up in one phrase, is think right toward people. Think right toward people, and they will like and support you. This chapter shows how.

Thousands of times daily a scene like this takes place. A committee or group is in session. The purpose-to consider names for a promotion,a new job, a club membership, an honor-someone to be the new company president, the new supervisor, the new sales manager. A name is placed before the group. The chairman asks, “What is your feeling about so-and so., “Comments come forth. For some names there are positive remarks, such as “He’s a good fellow: People there speak highly of him. He has a good technical background, too.” “Mr. Dave Oh, he’s a personable sort of man, very human, [believe he would fit in well with our group.”

Some names draw negative, lukewarm statements. “[ think we should investigate that fellow carefully. He doesn’t seem to get along too well with people.” “[ know he has a good academic and technical background; [ don’t question his competence. But [ am concerned about the acceptance he would receive. He doesn’t command much respect from people.”
Now, here is an exceptionally important observation: In at least nine cases out of tell, the “likability” factor is the first thing mentioned. And ill an overwhelmingly large number of cases, the “likability” factor is given far more weight than the technical factor.
The above holds true even in selecting scholars for university
professorships. social life.. all eyes on you!!

Sharing is Caring

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