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Best Senior High Schools In Ghana

Top 25 SHS In Ghana According To WAEC – 2019

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GhHighSchools per our survey we found out that at the beginning of every academic callender poses a tough challenge for all parents. Finding the right senior high school for your child is never an easy task especially if you want the best education for your child and you are to choose from several schools and all promising to deliver your child’s needs and wants.

You want your child to get the highest quality of education and grow into a responsible adult in the future. If quality and affordability is your hallmark, you might waste a lot of time trying to compare different schools so that you get the best for your child. This article is going to make everything easier for you by providing you a list of top senior high schools in Ghana ranked by WAEC that you could choose to take your child to.

In Ascending order the list below are the best SHS in Ghana -2019, Academicaly
25. Ghana Lebanon Islamic Snr. High School
24. Seven Great Princess Snr. High School
23. Akosombo International School
22. Aburi Girls’ Snr. High School
21. Accra Academy
20. Ghana Snr. High School
19. Koforidua Snr High School
18. Archbishop Porter Girls’ Snr. High School
17. Notre Dame Seminary Snr.High School
16. St .Hubert Sem Snr. High School
15. Presby Boys’ Snr .High School
14. Pope John Snr .High School
13. St Roses Snr. High School
12. Mfantsipim School
11. St Louis Snr. High School
10. Sunyani Snr. High School
9. Prempeh College which is the second most consistent school in the Ashanti Region
8. St Peters Snr. High School
7. Holy Child Senior High School
6. St. Augustine College
5. Adisadel College
4. Wesley Girls’ High School
3. Opoku Ware Snr. High School which is known to present a large number of students for the exams every year
2. St. Francis Xavier Jnr. Seminary that is well known for their prowess in the National Science and Math Quiz
1. St James Seminary Snr. High School which is based in the Brong Ahafo Region

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