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Top 5 Risk Free Businesses That Covid-19 Has affected – Business Guru

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Every entrepreneur is aware that in every business there is some amount of risk associated with it. It does not matter how small or big the business is.

Today I am going to discuss top five businesses that have not face any crisis for so many years but this time around have been hit right in the face by the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). Check the list below in ascending order:

5.The pharmaceutical industry: One would expert that any health related crisis will boost the pharmaceutical business but this is rather different. Man would do everything possible in his means for a survival but the covid-19 did not leave any room for the pharmacy since it has no medicinal cure. Apart from you obeying the basic covid-19 rules that’s washing your hands regularly with soap under running water, Sanitising your hands frequently with alcohol based sanitisers, wearing of nose mask and keeping social distance, no amount of money can prevent one from being contacting the pandemic coronavirus disease. Covid-19 is on the mission of ”No mercy for the cripple’. The pharmaceutical industry is running at a lose in the process of their laboratory work and the research. They are doing all that to find the drug for the covid-19 disease that has claim thousands of lives and infected millions globally but their effort has not yet proven any positive result yet.

4.Transport business: According to statistics the number of travellers by vehicle in creases by daily. The reason being that there can only be a few daily activities that will not involve a person moving from one place to another. It is obvious the transport business is good to do because it customers increases daily or even constant and in fact we have a wide gap of vehicle passenger ratio. But today covid-19 has put restrictions on movement therefore transport business is not working.

The aviation industry has also got it share of the covid-19 impact. You can imagine the amount of traffic you meet at the airport and the number of flights globally in just one day. The power of covid-19 has hijack flights in the world. I guess you are aware of this right?

3.The Fitness/Gym centre: Life is precious, isn’t it? It is a taboo for a person to commit suicide. This clearly shows that man will do anything possible to keep his or her health status on top.The fitness centre is a substitute to hospitals in the sense that at the fitness centre you have the power to take care of yourself and also be in charge of your own health. This will prevent you from going to the hospital where you will be on the sick bed to depend on the nurse to feed and take care of you. Today as I write this article covid-19 has closed down what is suppose to be a health related business because of social distancing.

2.The Football fraternity: Sports is one thing people love especially football. This make the football business attractive and lucrative. Football business does not only generate income from the spectator who go to the stadium. They also generate money from banner advert, television transmission, radio transmission. Apart from the planned seasonal break for the teams we never thought something like covid-19 can force the team to stay irrelevant for months without playing soccer for their fans.

1. Church business: One may ask if the church is a business at all, my answer to that is a big YES according to the definition of business the church institution falls under it. I can tell you for a fact that the church have never fall short in financial returns than this covid-19 era. The balance sheet will clearly proof that. Business as we know is all about numbers and the covid-19 has force all churches to close down loosing it numbers since no member is allow to attend church services. Under normal circumstance the church is considered the last resort where everyone will run to save his or her life when all hope and human intervention proof no result like it happened to the coronavirus. You can imagine the millions of dollars that will be paid to healing prophets just to heal coronavirus patients in the church. On that note I end here by concluding that the Church is the most risk free business that covid-19 has affected. Thanks for reading.

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