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Video; Reason why Ejisuman SHS management dismissed 7 girls from boarding house

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According to the statement issued by Ejisuman shs management, the girls involved in “ALLOW BOYS TO CHOP YOU” video that went viral on social media. The management took the decision to sack the 7 girls from the boarding house because of the following reasons

  1. They were in school uniform which menat that their action has implication on the image of the school
  2. SHS students are not suppose to use mobile phone at school.

So my question is, can girls at the same age of these shs students do nude videos with their mobile phones and post it on social media, since they are not under any institution?

Please leave your answer in the comment below. Thanks

Watch video below

7 Ejisuman SHS girls deboardinized over “allow boys to chop you”Management of Ejisuman SHS have deboardinized seven of their female student for misconduct.This decision was after 7 students were seen in a viral video advising their fellow girls to give in to s3xual demands of men. According to the management the girls had breached three of the school rules including using unauthorized gadget [mobile phone] to dent the image of the school.The letter also indicated that the said girls intentionally uploaded the video on social media where unprintable words that border on s3x were spewed.How is their future going to be like?Subscribe to our channel for more updateshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtJro1RdljkNvfPOPi69NvgShare your thoughts with us now…..👍👍

Julkaissut The Gossiper Sunnuntaina 9. helmikuuta 2020

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