What should I do when my husband keeps flirting with other? – Social Flirting

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What should I do when my husband keeps flirting with other – Social Flirting

What should I do when my husband keeps flirting with other? – Social Flirting

Husband flirting – As a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience dealing with couples, I can honestly tell that his flirting is probably a sign of something wrong, either in your relationship or within him. This is not meant to assign blame because partnerships are a collaborative endeavor.

When a partner or spouse flirts with someone else, they are trying to elicit a certain emotion, such as sex, desire, interest, appreciation, respect, etc. On some level, it is really unjust to address the behavior without also addressing the more fundamental dynamics of the relationship. If his flirtation really is a deal breaker, it’s crucial to say so since it respects your feelings and your limits.

But there’s also another factor to consider. Insecurities of the non-cheating spouse or partner are more frequently the source of jealousy than the behaviors of the other person. We frequently place the blame for our emotions—especially jealousy—on others, yet if your marriage were truly safe, you wouldn’t be bothered by your husband’s flirtation. Although it may seem like I’m blaming you, I’m not. Every relationship has a turning point, an absolute limit, or something that ends it.

Though not usually, it is infidelity. A growing number of couples engage in emotional faithfulness without looking for sexual monogamy. I’m not claiming this is the ideal option; it’s simply fashionable. (I could list the many books and papers that support this, but a quick Google search for “Is monogamy outdated?” will suffice.)

In the end, you and your husband should seek out a reputable couples therapist in order to learn why he flirts rather than to convince him to quit. If the issues can be resolved inside the relationship, you can work together to resolve them. Prepare yourself to look critically at both the pleasant and unsatisfactory parts of your relationship. His flirting with other ladies is merely one sign that there may be more serious problems at hand.

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