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What should I say to the men at the gym – Social Flirting

What should I say to the men at the gym? – Social Flirting

Men at the gym – Never , ever interrupt someone who is doing a set. Wait till they are asleep every time. The stretching area is the exception, but I’ll get to that. In any case, you still need to adhere to the following gym protocol:

Make eye contact and nod after. Don’t overdo it; a little smile or grin is okay. A lack of excitement will look strange. It would be nice if you two could get along because you are just waiting around in between sets.

(They’ll likely nod in agreement. They might not actually want to chat after all. It’s simply customary acknowledgment.)

Say only a few words. This might be in reference to something that is occurring on the floor (“Seems like all the 25′s are absent today”), the current weather (“It’s typically busier than this on a wet day”), or simply what you are doing (“Gotta love leg day”). Be wry or kind, but avoid being personal. not inside a gym.

Great if they reply. You are speaking. When they begin their set, be silent, and don’t rely on them to want to converse when they take a break. They must now make contact since you already did. They are the gym’s rules.

The space for stretching was mentioned. That’s an exception, as talking to someone while you’re both stretching out is fine provided you can establish casual eye contact with them. Keep in mind that you both need to stretch. Do not converse with someone who is stretching if you are standing. That will make you seem foolish and is a serious breach of gym protocol. It’s not what you desire.

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