What To Do When You Miss Your Flight

What To Do When You Miss Your Flight

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Welcome back to Tomdavidas travel blog, misociallife.com. Have you ever missed your flight or check-in time because you were late at the airport? and how does it feel like? You can share your experience in the comment section, thanks.

As a traveler you may encounter this embarrassing moment at the airport one day. But hey it’s normal so don’t be too hard on yourself okay!
I am here to share my experience and what to do if you encounter the same challenge.

  • If your check-in time is over or in a worst case scenario your onboard time is over and you are still in a car approaching the airport I will encourage you not to give up on the journey. Be quick as much as you can to get to the airport. When you reach there go straight to the airline you bought your ticket and talk to any of teller about the situation  if you are  lucky they can call the cabin crew and ask them to wait for you. This is highly possible so take note of that.
  • If upon reaching the airport your flight ✈️ had take off already please don’t panic ok Yes you’ve missed your flight for that very moment but not forever so you have to relax. Go to the airline you bought your ticket from and show them your ticket and tell them about the situation they will book the next available flight to your destination for you at a lest cost but note the flight can move  the same day or different day. If you have to sleep they will recommend hotels that are in close proximity to the airport for you to lodge.
  • If you find yourself in the same situation in step two above and your number of days on your visa is due then what you have to do is to go to the immigration office at the airport of the country you have visited and explain the situation to them. They will advise you on what to do.

Tomdavidas travel blog.. I always say you stay subscribed so we have a great time. Please your comment in the comment section on how you handled this situation. Thank you.

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