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What will happen when social media stops – Social Networking

What will happen when social media stops? – Social Networking

Social media – As the web gained popularity, social networking became only a stepping stone. Over time, communication between groups of cavemen who met together evolved. There won’t be social networking “after.” It will constantly change and adapt to new technological advancements and societal changes.

Social awareness, however, is the new frontier.

The days of “friending” and “following” individuals on social media are over. A clever filter will link everything and offer the information you want and need. The web will link individuals depending on their current needs and wants, and it will be as aware of one person as it is of the whole population.

More than simply a smartphone app, social awareness will become a part of everything and everywhere thanks to the expanded and improved wireless capabilities.

Imagine telling someone you’re on the phone with that you’re hungry and want to eat Chinese. A list of Chinese eateries, complete with phone numbers and addresses, is already at your disposal as you pick up your phone or computer and switch it on. Alternately, you get in your car and the GPS system has already predetermined how to drive to your preferred Chinese restaurant on the way home from work.

Information must also be aware of other information in order for there to be social awareness.

When real-time becomes too sluggish, hmm.

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